About Us

Hello! Welcome to Fresh Face Forward! Thank you for visiting us!

Born and Raised in a small town in Alabama with a passion for building an empire, I am proud to have created a skin care brand addressing issues millions of us face. My name is Samantha and skin care is something that I have always had interest in.

As an acne sufferer myself. I remember agonizing over my cystic acne. It is hard to not like the way you look in the mirror. Your face is like your brand in a sense. It is how people identify you and differentiate you from other people. I understand that desire to have clearer skin.

Fresh Face Forward was created to help those who struggle with problematic skin. 

Just to let you know, skin isn't supposed to be perfect. Nothing in life is perfect or exempt from any type of flaw. Sometimes skin fluctuates. That's natural! 

Fresh Face Forward wants to provide the best types of products for your skin. Building a good regime is the first step towards healthier skin!